Better World Club – AAA Auto Club Alternative

Years ago I found Better World Club, the AAA auto club alternative and I’m a big fan. You can sign up for Better World Club for roadside assistance, green auto insurance, travel discounts, free maps and trip planning services just like Triple A, but with environmental benefits. Better World Club is a for-profit company, with a triple bottom line priorities. If you sign up using the PROMO Code = BDZE the Better World Club sends $$$ for the referal.


Better World Club PROMO CODE = BDZE

From the Better World Auto Club website:

Better World Club has remained our nation’s only provider of eco-friendly roadside assistance: we offset the environmental impact of our fleet and have opposed the highway-centric lobbying of groups such as AAA, advocating instead for smarter city planning and more transportation funds for bicycle lanes, pedestrian pathways, and public transit systems – all of which will better serve and sustain our US transportation system.

SIGN UP HERE (link to sign up page, be sure Better World knows that you found them here) PROMO CODE = BDZE

From my original webpage:

I never used an auto club company before, but I joined to show my support and enjoy the benefits. Show AAA that it is not good business to use membership dues to quietly lobby the government with out making that a public part of membership. Switch to Better World today. If this group even puts a little pressure on AAA to change policy, it affirms the importance of socially conscious spending. Your dollar is your vote – EVERYDAY!

Now 10 years late I can say our family uses Better World Club for our roadside assistance and we’ve always received fast professional service. It’s never great when you can roadside service, but Better World has always been great. We’ve used the raodside service and Better World Club is our choice.

SIGN UP HERE (link to sign up page, be sure Better World knows that you found them here) PROMO CODE = BDZE