Green the Sporting Green

San Francisco Giants - Greening MLB

San Francisco Giants - Greening MLBThere’s a lot of energy and (typically) waste at college and professional sporting events, but a new trend in professional sports is to be more environmentally conscious. Just like other business sectors it’s becoming obvious in sports that the benefits are robust, from saving thousands of dollars on energy, waste, and water bills to creating new sponsorship opportunities and enhancing brand value with corporate social responsibility in addition to the feel good environmental benefits for fans, employees and shareholders.

According the NRDC website,

They’ve (professional sports) teamed up with NRDC to examine everything ranging from their purchasing decisions to transportation choices, energy use, and waste management policies, looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. And they’re encouraging fans to do the same online and in their stadiums and arenas.

NCAA Sports are getting behind green events and the NRDC is also participating in the Green Sports Alliance, a forward looking alliance of Professional Sports Franchises committed to improving their environmental performance.