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Right To Know

Right To KnowThis image came from Dawn Bryan the Volunteer Coordinator for the Sonoma County Committee for the Right to Know. She’s part of the 2012 California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs. Her contact information is listed below.

made the trip today via ferry, with our¬†Sonoma County¬†group, to San Francisco for the World Food Day Rally at the Federal Bldg. Along the way we encountered peeps from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Way cool. We are all on the same page folks….true democracy for our food and government. Carry on little sister!

Dawn Bryan
Volunteer Coordinator

Sonoma County Committee for the Right to Know
2012 California Ballot Initiative


Label GMOs – 2012 California Ballot Initiative

Label GMOS CA 2012

Label GMOS CA 2012If you looking for current information about the California 2012 campaign to label GMOs the best place is the website. I’ll be posting some select information on this website in support of the signature goals so this important item can get on the 2012 California Ballot. If you’d like to be involved comment below and I’ll connect you.